Have you ever wondered what kind of detective you would have been during your time or even in the past? Well, now you have the opportunity to have an answer to this glue.

London, no need to repeat it, is one of the cities where culture is lived on a daily basis, imbued with the customs of its inhabitants. It’s pretty awesome to visit it during the day, but at nightfall, it’s the other side of the world that presents itself to you. To help you find a way out with intelligence and efficiency, who other than the famous Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr Watson.

221B Baker Street, one of the most popular casino games developed by Merkur, takes you on this fantastic adventure.

Graphics and sound environment

221B Baker Street is an online casino game in which all players will not mind losing a few coins, simply because of the effects this entertainment provides.

Appearance wise, this is a unique online offer that will surely make you think old school. The gameplay, as is the case with most games from Merkur, is very intuitive. Merkur, has tried to customize the appearance and styles of play in different ways to match the graphics offered by the website that hosts it.

Players are entitled to several variations of vibration based on combinations, sounds, and visual effects on different websites. Aside from this particularity, the gameplay is practically the same.

True to its motto of simplicity, Merkur has made it a point of honor to make 221B Baker Street an online casino game rich in no-frills experiences. In a time when it has become quite normal for developers to increase the number of reels in casino games just to improve graphics and animations to the detriment of players (reduced chances of winning), Merkur totally stands out. The 5 reels of this online casino game can help you stay on top of your gaming experience, and it doesn’t displease French players.

Payment and features

This casino game features 20 paylines in three forms: zig zag, sine wave, and sawtooth. Players can bet a maximum of € 40 in bets starting at 1 cent.

Five reels and 20 lines is actually a thoughtful layout, which maximizes your focus and helps you deal with the deafening noise of the reels.

Sherlock is a character who has captured the imaginations of millions of French people with his eccentric and unpredictable attitudes. In this momentum, 221B Baker Street highlights the strangest symbols that players can encounter in a game of this category. The funniest ones, the ones that will make you smile for sure but won’t let you take big bucks home, consist of a pistol, a glass of wine, a chillum and a whole pack of cards, with no restrictions.

You need to focus your attention on the wild symbols to get the maximum payout. For information, Sherlock, the most profitable joker has a payout index of 10,000 times.

Sherlock’s enemy Professor James Moriarty is a scatterer symbol with great payouts (varies by stake). Dr Watson and Big Ben are also important wild symbols which can make up for a missing symbol on any active line to complete the streak to help you win big.


Online casino game players have one common flaw. Even when they win, they want to push their luck until they fall free into an unfathomable abyss. But once again, since when have risks put a stop to this frenzy?

If you’re of a reckless nature you’ll love the bonuses at 221B Baker Street. There are three bonuses in total in this online casino game, but our favorite is a wild west duel with Sherlock: the stake, double a prize or your life.

There are also relatively simpler bonuses like mapping stairs and choosing cards that can help you win 50% or lose 100% of the credits.


Casino gaming enthusiasts, Sherlock enthusiasts and the French public alike are served. 221B Baker Street is a simple game that meets the needs of all players, especially beginners.

It’s a smart mix of fun, style, and fun with payout quotes on the right terms to keep you rooted in your place and fervently want your luck to continue.