Lovers of slot machines and big wins? Chinese Zodiac is presented as a godsend to take advantage of to relax and make money. Better, it also turns out to be a wonderful opportunity to know the signs of the Chinese zodiac. Want to know more about this game? Discover all that the Chinese Zodiac casino game has to offer!

The Chinese Zodiac in a few sentences

The Chinese Zodiac invites the bettor to put down his suitcases in a typically Asian universe and atmosphere. From the outset, it highlights, in the background, all the animal symbols of the Chinese zodiac. It thus offers players to know these typical signs of Chinese culture, reproduced elsewhere with a touch of fantasy. With regard to fanciful representations, we discover, for example, animals with veiled white eyes, or others with pearl gray skin or coat.

It should be noted that all of these specificities give the Chinese Zodiac game an extremely unique atmosphere. Beyond that, in addition to the design which is well cared for, it is useful to specify that the game especially offers great possibilities of earnings to the bettor.

Symbols and icons

Like classic slot machines, Chinese Zodiac is played on a 5-reel basis. However, concerning the number of lines, generally higher at the level of the other games, this one offers only 25 ways to be made gains. In accordance with the theme that highlights the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the symbols of the game are nothing other than the representations of said signs, which are precisely animals. These are 12 in number:

  • the rat ;
  • the buffalo;
  • the Tiger ;
  • the rabbit ;
  • the Dragon ;
  • the snake ;
  • horse ;
  • the goat ;
  • the monkey ;
  • rooster ;
  • the dog ;
  • the pig.

In addition, like other games, the Chinese Zodiac does not lack bonuses and free spins. The two icons that trigger such possibilities are the tiger and the dragon.

How does this game work?

As seen with most slot machine games, the Chinese Zodiac works for awarding winnings based on a given mechanism. This is the alignment of symbols in a number of reels, as well as the appearance of certain icons. For example, when the dragon and the tiger appear, they offer bonuses. The first is the wild substitution symbol which replaces the other symbols.

It appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and allows you to get multiple free spins. The second, meanwhile, is the scatter symbol which appears on reels 1, 2 and 3. Therefore, the bettor can get 9, 10, 12 or 15 free spins. Among other things, we find the “Second chance” function which is triggered after obtaining 2 reels of symbols. On the other hand, there are also wins when stacking symbols.

We speak of stacked symbols when all the positions of a reel contain the same symbol.