If you are used to spending a lot of time in a kitchen, whether at home or at work then this casino game, Cooking Slot is sure to fill you with happiness by providing you with all the utensils and ingredients you are looking for. That said, there is less pressure than a real job as a cook, and so you can still find merit in What’s Cooking, another casino game, created by Playtech.

Another saving grace of this game, besides the obvious fact that you can earn money, is that the food, while attractive, does not look good enough to eat. That means we won’t be raiding our pants and refrigerators while we play save our stomachs and maintain those abs!

The 5 reels of this online casino game have a total of 30 paylines, all of which are secured in place to make winning a regular event. While it doesn’t necessarily work that way, what we’re sure is that veteran French players will be well aware of it.

Features and Payment

To make yourself at home and start cooking all the creations you see, players are going to have to put money into play; luckily for you, the amount is not too expensive. The lowest stake price is € 0.01, which equates to a very minimal € 0.30 for your overall stake, although you can increase it if you want and spend up to € 5 for your stake. The choice is yours, the price doesn’t seem too high.

Once the money is out, you can start spinning as you please, with the large translucent widget on the right side of the device’s main port; keep it pressed and the automatic games will start. When you do that, a menu will appear and ask you to set the cursor, with the final stop being when you hit the features game, which means the bonus round to you and me.

The symbols that this game offers are cakes, sweets, cookies which you will not be able to resist. You also have features like the Joker which replaces all other symbols except Scatterer, Jackpot and Bonuses.

You will want to lay the special tiles, ie pictures depicting the real kitchen rather than the food; of all, the wild nature is the most precious, with 10,000 €.

Rather easily, players can tap the reels during a round to complete the process earlier, saving you time and getting even closer to winning. It’s like a manual turbo boost, which you can choose to use or not, and all without having to adjust a single parameter. What could be better ?!


The crème de la crème of this casino game is the bonus round, which is indeed a whimsical way to enhance the free games you experience. Essentially, you pick the ingredients to make the best mini game for yourself: a pinch of multipliers, a touch of extras, they’re all there, waiting to be applied. Let’s say you have three or more symbols, on the first or fifth reel you will be asked to choose one of the meats in order to decide how many extra spins you will get. After that, you will be asked to make a choice between certain sauces, the latter being used to symbolize the level of the multiplier applied. Then you are on the free games, with more discoveries of the bonus icon leading to more additional games.

As a chef you have to be able to sniff out the good and the bad, but because we tried this game for you, we can act like your nose and point you in the right direction.

In this game the free spins are triggered by the Scatterer and when you get three or more you are rewarded with 10 or 20 free spins.

The Bonus symbol on the other hand triggers bonus games in which you are supposed to collect all the ingredients for the preparation of a cake.

Graphics and sound environment

Cooking Slot is an excellent online casino game from Playtech which sums up perfectly, with ease, what the brand is capable of. The graphics are quite different from what you might be used to. They are less 3D and flatter, with only the animation on gain making them modern. The symbols in this game are all well made and look tasty.


Cook, eat and then relax with this online casino game where you are sure to get bored. So bon appétit, dear lovers of French cuisine!