Noel Edmonds has a lot to answer for. First for Noel’s House Party, in the 1990s, then for Mr. Blobby and this infernal air, then for Deal Or No Deal.

As for the quizzes, it’s not that bad. It is a reasonable form of television entertainment. But why is this being sold as if it is a cutting edge invention that has forever changed the way we consume pop culture? It’s hard these days to go anywhere on the web without encountering some sort of connection between Deal Or No Deal and No Deal. Casinos are particularly ripe for this type of license, and we have already seen many versions of Deal Or No Deal games and scratch cards.

Now it’s time for Deal Or No Deal, a site that has been packaged in a way that looks like those famous red boxes owned by the banker. The site is a courtesy of the same developer who released the Love Island games, which was another tie to ITV Broadcasting. It was an atrocity and given that Deal Or No Deal is a clone of it, the signs are not promising. The featured image that appears at the top of this particular site is at least fit for purpose and promotes the site, especially the 100% welcome bonus that must be claimed.


Deal Or No Deal is operated by Bear Group Ltd which are a subsidiary of Gaming Realms PLC licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Their head office is located in Le Val sur Aurigny, for the record. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, no doubt because of the value placed on some of their other business interests, as it’s hard to imagine them getting rich off Deal Or No Deal and Love Island Games.

If you like the game and given that you are reading this review it is a safe bet. It’s always a fun game to click on social media links. What do you think: Will the casino’s Twitter and Facebook pages be well-maintained hubs of activity or will they be a desert? Based on this particular trader’s track record in other sites, you are not promised the moon, 1/20 is the best the banker will give you. Let’s find out. Two clicks later and it’s confirmed: Deal Or No Deal’s social media accounts are as dead as Mr. Blobby. They have a Twitter account with two followers and the last Facebook post was in February 2017. It’s a joke.


Like its sister sites, Deal Or No Deal is so poorly designed that there’s no way of knowing what your deposit and withdrawal options are. Minimum deposits; maximum withdrawals; payment options; delay of treatment. You will find none of that here. There is a help bar at the bottom right of the screen but it is useless. Type in words and it just spits out spaghetti that has nothing to do with what you’re trying to find. Based on the payment provider logos, which can be established in the middle of a busy footer, you will find that you can deposit funds with MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.


There is a 100% welcome bonus worth up to € 100 to claim when you sign up for the Deal Or No Deal. This cash is subject to a certain wagering requirement before it can be withdrawn. Which is a ridiculously high requirement. There is no way if you have a dime left of this bonus after being forced to play with your money so many times.

There is certainly no enrichment to be had even if you have the chance to win some money while playing casinos with your bonus money. You had better just play the casino games for fun if you can’t wait to try the games. The maximum payout you can generate with your cash bonus is also capped at € 500. Since this appears to be the only promotion in place at Deal Or No Deal, there’s no reason you would want to stay here.

Slingo, for the uninitiated, is what happens when you combine casino games and bingo. It sounds like a stream crossing, like a terrible thing that should never be done, but not only is it done regularly at Deal Or No Deal, but it is also performed at the other ITV licensed sites operated. by this company. Whether the slingo offer counts as a USP, or at least as a novelty is debatable; it is true that you don’t see a lot of casinos offering these games. Choose from games like Pigasus, Magic Mine, Slingo Extreme, Deal Or No Deal Slingo (naturally), Slingo X-Factor, Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and a few more.


If you are a French traditionalist of online casinos who would just play the regular games, Deal Or No Deal will have you covered. There is a huge range of online casino games to play here and they should work on mobile as well as tablet and desktop. You could start with branded games like Jurassic World before moving on to other acclaimed titles like Siberian Storm. From there, it’s unfortunately all the tumble because you are forced to face a selection of games that are more and more kitsch and cruddy. Fortunately, there is a selection of table games to round things off which includes a few proficient titles; a good bit of blackjack, roulette and poker for the most part.


If you are a big diehard Deal Or No Deal player then it is understandable that you are a French player interested in a site like Deal Or No Deal. Once you take a close look at it, it’s hard to imagine why you would want to spend more time here than necessary.

This is a robust site that promises very little and keeps its promises. You can deposit funds by credit card and nothing more. There is probably customer service available and the operators of this site intend to resurrect their dormant media channels when the time is right. There’s no way of knowing the answer to all of this.

The design of Deal Or No Deal is bad, most games are average or bad, and the welcome bonus is particularly bad. ITV doesn’t care what happens with their brand name and with the TV shows they own, it’s weird. There doesn’t seem to be any quality control and no attempt to make this site stand out from the competition. It’s a bad show and the French players may be disappointed.

Many French online casinos will allow you to play Deal Or No Deal in complete freedom!