In the world of science fiction, space has long been for directors, the theater of war between Earthlings and extraterrestrial creatures, with the objective of protecting the earth and conquering new territories.

Marines is an online casino game from Cayetano, developer of casino games. The players are in the shoes of a space soldier, wearing a latest generation suit and armed with a laser pistol. This game is epic and it’s not its great graphics and many bonus games that will tell us otherwise. Available online and in French casinos, Marines is a reliable casino game according to casino gaming regulation experts.

Are you ready for a memorable adventure in space? You will find out from our review. There you will find everything you need for a player determined to defeat the aliens and recover all their precious resources.

Features and graphics

The Marines casino game takes players into a high-tech and futuristic world in which space exploration and encounters with aliens are almost daily. This is why the game screen is similar to the interior of a spaceship to the delight of gamers, sci-fi fans. The coils are encased in a space door like the one found in science fiction movies.

Marines is a casino game of unparalleled beauty that has exactly reproduced the universe as we all know it. It is not uncommon to come across casino games that sport this kind of theme in French casinos, but they all stand out with their gameplay.


The Marines online casino game has quite simple rules designed to make it easier for players and to have a good time on the reels.

The game matrix has 5 reels and 3 lines of symbols per reel. Players have 10 fixed paylines and must form winning combinations on these lines to win cash prizes. They can use the (+) and (-) buttons located under the reels to adjust their stake before engaging the reels.

The more players bet on the reels, the higher their winnings can be. If you are a gamer by nature, don’t hesitate to increase your stake in this game, hopefully you won’t regret it. On the other hand, you can decide to bet on several spins in a row thanks to the autoplay game mode (automatic mode). The rollers activate and stop automatically.

Symbols and payment 

As is often seen with certain games in French casinos, the Marines casino game has a total of 8 classic symbols that are different from each other. The most common symbols are the traditional playing cards, from 10 to AS. With their futuristic and avant-garde design, you will often meet them on the reels and thanks to them you will have several opportunities to win. It is important to clarify that the rewards offered in this casino game are quite modest.

The spaceship, first aid kit, and grenade are also symbols of the Marines casino game. Players can win prizes worth up to 600 times their stake, and that’s not insignificant. In addition, it is important to remember the integrity of this game, which occupies a solid place among reliable casinos according to specialists.

So keep your eyes open and don’t let these precious symbols escape you.


We are unanimous on this fact, it is not uncommon to find particularly generous casino games online or in casinos. Marines come to prove it to us once again. During the game, players must remain attentive, so as not to lose sight of an alien that could appear on the screen at any time. Use your laser gun to hit it and instantly win between 10 and 25 times your stake. In addition, the soldier is a special symbol capable of appearing randomly on the reel to award a gold prize to the luckiest players.

The alien symbol is a joker which replaces all the symbols mentioned above to constitute combinations that can bring players a reward worth 10,000 times their stake, the jackpot in a way of this Marines casino game. Players are also entitled to free spins offered through the gun symbol.

To end with the bonuses of this casino game, 3 bonus icons open the stargate to players. In this parallel universe, they will have 5 mini-games available. From disarming a bomb to firing rockets at your enemy, there is something for everyone. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions to pocket the maximum amount of winnings.


The Marines online casino game is excellent, lucrative entertainment with high quality graphics and game-like animations. Certified as a reliable casino by experts in the field, Marines and its many available bonuses are among the top games. most recommended by casino gaming specialists.

Players around the world who have tried it have automatically adopted it. We recommend it, you will not be able to do without it.